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This software is believed to have used tools stolen by the National Security Agency trojan fat burner exploit a flaw in Microsoft Windows. Ransomware Trojans are a type of malware designed to extort money from victims by holding files or entire computers to ransom.

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The ransomware typically demands payment to undo changes that the Trojan virus has made to the victim’s computer, which range from encrypting data stored on the victim’s disk to blocking normal access. It trojan fat burner users files using AES and RSA encryption ciphers meaning the hackers can directly decrypt system files using a unique decryption key.

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In previous Wanna Decryptor attacks, victims have been sent ransom notes with “instructions” in the form of! Please Read Me!. Wanna Decryptor changes the computer's wallpaper with messages asking the victim to download the decryptor from Dropbox before demanding hundreds in bitcoin to work.

Put more simply, once inside the system Wanna Decryptor creates encrypted copies of specific file types before deleting the originals, leaving the victims with the encrypted copies, which can't be accessed without a decryption key. Wanna Decryptor additionally increases the ransom amount, and threatens loss of data, at a predetermined time, creating a sense of urgency and greatly improving the chances victims will pay the ransom.

It is unclear how the Wanna Decryptor ransomware infected the NHS systems, but it can spread through phishing emails or after visiting a website containing a malicious program.

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How is the NSA involved? For several months, the Shadow Brokers hacking group, which obtained files from the NSA, has been releasing parts of the agency's hacking tools. As well as the ransomware being seen in the UK, it has appeared in hundreds of countries around the world.

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Microsoft initially announced the vulnerability on March 14 and recommended trojan fat burner patch their devices. Microsoft fixed MS in its March release but it is likely organisations affected did not patch their devices before the spread of the malware. Has Microsoft fixed the problem?

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Following the global attack, Microsoft took the unusual step of issuing a fix for versions of Windows it had previously “retired”; those no longer supported by the company. This included Windows XP. Anyone using Windows XP should update their system to the latest version as soon as possible.

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In a statement, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said this attack "provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem. This most recent attack represents a completely unintended but disconcerting link between the two most serious forms of cybersecurity threats in the world today – nation-state action and organised criminal action.

How did Wanna Decryptor spread? While the source of infection has not yet been confirmed, Belani said almost all attacks have been delivered via phishing email. These attacks confirm that theory and as malware authors change their tactics, responders will need to be vigilant to follow suit," Belani continued.

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Malwarebytes has a detailed technical analysis of how the Wanna Decryptor worm spreads. Is there a way to stop its spread? Despite the global spread of Wanna Decryptor, there's been an 'accidental' slow down in the continued amount of infections.

Within the malware's code is a long URL that effectively acts as a 'kill switch'.

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Security researcher malwaretechblog discovered the domain name when inspecting the malware's code and registered the name with internet services.

During its sfaturi pierderea în greutate în timp ce călătoriți, the malicious code would look up the domain name and only continue to work if it wasn't live; once the domain name was activated and detected by Wanna Decryptor it would stop spreading. The researcher behind the discovery said he was not certain at the time that buying the domain name would slow the spread.

While the registering of the domain name was too late for those who have already been infected with the malware but the activation of the kill switch helped to slow its spread.

There is, however, the possibility that different variants of the malware with different kill switches exist or could further be developed by attackers. Is the ransomware back in a new form?

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Since malwaretechblog enabled the "kill switch" in the first version of the Wanna Decryptor malware, there has been speculation another version could be created with a different or worryingly, no URL.

There have been claims multiple variants of the malware have been seen. For example, security company Trojan fat burner Infosec has claimed it has seen a variation of Wanna Decryptor that doesn't have a kill switch.

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Bitdefender also says it has seen the same version of the malware that does not contain a kill switch. Its own blog post says "it was only a matter of time until a newer version would emerge bypassing" the kill switch.

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Separately, security researcher Matthieu Suiche? Getting your files back At last year's WIRED Security conference, negotiator Moty Cristal explained ransomware can be easily bought on the darknet, which makes these kinds of attacks common: according to security firm Malwarebytes, 40 per cent of companies worldwide have been targeted by it as of August When ransomware is involved, Cristal said, "managing the human factor is key to overcoming a cyber crisis.

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This means negotiations are key to getting files back. Ransomware criminals tend to de-encrypt data after payments; still, that comes at a cost. Avast said it detects all known versions of WanaCrypt0r 2. The safest way to protect yourself is to avoid clicking links from unknown sources.

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