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Designed for organisations with limited or no dedicated IT staff.

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Access to a certified technician in two minutes or less Designed to provide tech-to-tech support for IT Professionals, Database Administrators and internal Service Desks or helpdesks. Recommended options for laptops include: On-site Parts Management to help minimise downtime by having parts at your fingertips.

slimming bomb azerbaycan

On-site Personnel to augment your IT staff. On-site Diagnosis for accelerated troubleshooting.

Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments that require a single point of accountability. Learn More Custom Factory Integration Dell offers custom factory integration services to help accelerate your system deployments.

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We can perform a range of services, such as custom configuration, consolidation and integration, in our factory. You can choose to partition your hard drive, select boot order, change BIOS settings and modify various standard software configuration settings.

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This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price. Dell Flexible Computing Solutions The desktop computing landscape slimming bomb azerbaycan evolving.

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As organizations and their workforces become increasingly distributed and mobile, an explosion of new end-user devices has exacerbated the challenges being faced by IT departments. These challenges include ensuring data and device security regardless of location, managing data and applications consistently across the organization and providing support for the myriad of emerging devices and applications.

slimming bomb azerbaycan

Traditional computing has addressed the key customer pain points around mobility, security, manageability and availability in a limited fashion. Dell's new desktop computing vision - Flexible Computing-delivers validated solutions hardware, software, and services that augment Dell's traditional desktop offerings and enable IT departments to navigate their increasingly complex environment.