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Fan Kuanling în centru, în costum închis alături de Virgilio A. Then the right sentence will be I came, I saw, I admired Yes, I admired the nice city of Osaka and the poets from the four corners of the world gathered together, on the occasion of the 23 rd World Congress of Poets.

I admired the organizers efforts the heart of the event was the poetess Noriko Mizusaki, President of the event to have everything perfect and introduce us to one another, the poets of so many different cultures, to introduce us to the traditional Japanese rich culture! I admired the friendship and how kind and polite are those who live in Osaka.

I forțele stealth în pierderea în greutate ielts the blossomed cherries trees of Osaka, as well as those of Kyoto, wishing us a warm welcome to Japan.

I admired the traditional performers of music and shows organized only for us. I admired how clean streets can be and, in one word, I admired everything in Osaka.

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I admired the ancient and interesting Buddhist temples in this part of Japan. I admired the beauty of the traditional kimonos but also the nice girls on the streets dressed according to the latest fashion.

I admired how nicely and elaborately arranged is the food presented in restaurants, and at our on box lunch the well known Bento lunch at Osaka International House. I admired how good the Japanese beer can be. I admired, I admired, I admired I loved and enjoyed the poetry of the Japanese poets, the haiku and Tanka reciting and readings.

Thank you very much, dear poets from Japan!

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But, most at all, I loved, I admired the strong messages for Peace the most valuable asset we have on the Earth planet except some places, unfortunatelythat we appreciate mostly when we don t have it like pierderea de grăsimi injecții belfast s health, for instance. Impressive presentation - Against Nuclear Weapons - a great collection of poems written by de poets between and ! We la muse corpul subțire gel interesting presentations on the Second World War - Hiroshima and Nagasachi and the attacks on Pearl Harbour Japan will not repeat the mistakes of the past the poets of Japan as all the Poets from around the world do wants Peace on Planet Earth this was a very clear message promoted at this Poetry Congress.

That we, poet-delegates from all over the world 1 4 in Congress assembled, agree that war is an outmoded way of forțele stealth în pierderea în greutate ielts international problems; 2. That we, poet-delegates from all over the world in Congress assembled, hereby outlaw war as a means of arbitration of international disputes; 3.

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That we, poet-delegates from all over the world in Congress assembled, vow to use the power of the pen and word against all forces and agencies that divide humanity, create discord, and cause or perpetuate causes, both internal and external, that facilitate against peace, conduce war, sow the seeds of anger, hatred, and discontent. A detailed presentation of everything that happened at this successful Congress of Poetry, all presentations, all interesting conferences etc.

It takes a lot of time and energy to organize such an important poetry festival. As the participants mentioned it several times, she deserves all our gratitude for the perfect job she did. Thank you, Noriko! Impresive literary activity, impressive participations in the literary events around the world. On page 92 in Destine Literare magazine January - March issue which can be accessed at this link: Literare-January-March someone can find her Memories on her trip to Romania.

Noriko is a wellknown poet and translator. The Asian Wind and You and Night are two of her poetry books written in blank verse.

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More about Dr. Noriko can be found at this link: zusakijapan. Muddy waters flooding In the shape of a sneak they crawl up the river To spread and cover all the fields Swallowing villages and highs in the stomach Swallowing humans and children in avarice Muddy is the river: Muddy is the sea Radioactivity transformed in winds; in storms It devours; it flies; it kills Gods in the heaven got angry; but why did they? We humans are just tiny insects before you Why are you playing with us like your own toys?

Come over to ride on this ark On this small boat You: ants and other insects!

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We became friends and I am honored that he called me a friend and that I could call him my friend. Amado M. Benjamin Yuzon.


He was a great person and his spirit was with us, as Gil put it in his speech. Ben passed away last year.

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At my initiative and on his memory we kept a minute of silence. A Smell of Angels My senses yearn for A smell of angels A taste of the fruit of Eden, A touch of the center of the sun My spirit seeks The innermost, outermost Bounds of creation, A hint of infinity, on surge of immortality A voice within me whispers Pluck the petals Of the flowers of being Or find the seed of truth From Virgilio s Yuzon most recent book of poetry, Looking at God 70 Ways.

Like all the members of Yuzon family Gil Yuzon s beautiful daughter demonstrated that she had also been a promising poet Pilar is a poet.

She submits to us one of her poems of sorrow and another poem of her eternal love for Ben: Dance of Sorrow dedicated to my loving husband, Ben I love to dance with happy face That covers the sadness that I have How I dance I do not care I know I love to dance My mind is blank Circling the floor Life is full of surprises I must go on to live alone My love is gone But my heart knows he s still around I love you, Dad!

Wanda A. In Journalism : articles in journals, book reviews, edited magazines messages in 32 magazines, chapters in college text on Reading and Parallelism in Poetry and many more achievements. I talked with Wanda several times on different occasions, and we met bu hazard in the small Osaka with a population of 2. What a coincidence!

For sure, I will meet Wanda in Tennessee on day, when I will be around.

Here is the Haiku Sequence of poet Wanda A. Cherry blooms everywhere! Redbirds on cherry limbs Pecking at the kitchen window Await morning handout. It is impressive how active she can be on so many organizations.

I had the pleasure to talk to Judy many times in Osaka and I will pay her a visit when I will have a way to San Francisco. The world can be so small! She is a distinguished member of the International Society of Poets and one of its winners, one of the top 10 finalists at the International Society of Poets convention held in Washington DC. About Rhodora : Healing others, both mind and spirit, cleansing bodies and nurturing souls. Her voice is strong, His work is done, She follows His planted seed.

Williams Poet of the Year International Society of Poets It is my pleasure to publish a few poems from her first and successful!

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Little Things Laughter, songs, friends. Unexpected moments Joyful awakenings to the simple, the ordinary, the cherished Simply enjoying the present - gifts that give meaning to our lives. What then is the problem of communicating these needs to one another? You are the driving force that keeps the family intact in times of difficulty, a strong hand and voice that never hesitates to offer through love no matter the cost.

Passionate, hardworking and yes, proud; Intent to keeping what you think is best for your children. Golden Treasures Bold and loud in colors Not too pretty, non-smelling, Unobtrusive yet carefree and wild!

My beloved California poppies! Delicate, dainty but vibrant and alive! The merry gold s of the Golden State our golden treasures!

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Untiringly giving of yourself even in old age, the love you have shines like a light that warms the hearts of those around you. Listen, Mother- Your legacy of love is not in vain, For it will live on in our hearts and minds forever.