Bodyrock fat burn challenge ziua 5. J. For Fit. And Force. Sau cum poti sa te transformi la 40 de ani – Liorisme

M-a impresionat faptul ca J este mamica a doi copilasi si are varsta mea. Deci o consider o sursa de inspiratie, atat prin exercitiile de fitness pe care le posteaza pe YouTube constant, dar si prin modul ei de viata. M-am bucurat mult ca a acceptat sa raspunda catorva intrebari pentru Liorisme.

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Sper sa te inspire si pe tine, prin felul ei pozitiv de a fi, mai ales ca, asa cum ai sa vezi, J nu a fost aproape deloc activa fizic, pana pe la 39 de ani. Asadar, nu e niciodata prea tarziu sa fii in forma. I discovered J on YouTube about a year ago and since then, I included her workouts in my weekly fitness routine.

I was impressed to see J has two kids bodyrock fat burn challenge ziua 5 that she is my age, which means she is very inspiring to me, not only with her workouts, but with her entire life style. I was so glad when J accepted to answer some questions for Liorisme!

I hope you find J as inspiring and full of positive pierde întrebările în greutate, as I find it. So, there is never too late to get FIT. Liorisme: Draga J, imi poti spune cum erai cand erai copil? Erai la fel de activa si atunci? Faceai sport? Dear J, could you please tell me how were you when you were a child? Were you active back then, were you into sports at that age? J: In primul rand, multumesc mult pentru cuvintele tale!

Consider whether your past efforts have worked 4. Assess your options - What can you change in your current situation that will help you get closer to living your dream life 5. Living life on your own terms means having purpose and fulfillment in your life, as well as having freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to you. The results he achieved were unexpected.

Ma face foarte fericita faptul ca te inspir si ca am contribuit macar un pic la bucuria ta si la rutina ta de fitness. Asta este ceea ce vreau sa fac, deci sunt onorata, multumesc! Cand eram copil, nu eram deloc o fire sportiva.

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Nu eram implicata in sporturi de echipa, fiindca parintii mei nu erau interesati in a face miscare; de fapt, mama m-a crescut singura si nu avea timp sa ma duca la antrenamente. Simteam ca sunt in urma tare, la capitolul miscare, cand, pe la 12 ani, am putut sa fac sporturi de echipa, caci ma descurcam singura deja.

Am facut volei, pana am intrat la liceu, unde nu se practica acest sport, desi eram chiar buna, avand in vedere ca eram scunda pentru volei. In schimp, am practicat softball, pentru un sezon. In clasa a X-a, am castigat o bursa pentru un program de educatie in aer liber, unde puteai sa finalizezi clasa a X-a in doar o jumatate de an program acceleratiar in cealalta jumatate de an, puteai sa practici activitati afara, in aer liber.

Spre exemplu, puteai face drumetii timp de 8 zile in salbaticie, cu un rucsac foarte greu cum să pierzi grăsimea din abdomen spate sau puteai face catarari montane, kayaking si altele asemenea.

In acest program, ne era testat nivelul de fitness, iar eu eram grozava la executat abdomene, dar eram groaznica la alergat. Fugeam o tura si trebuia neapara sa ma opresc!

Desci, spre deosebire de multi antrenori sau mentori de fitness, eu chiar nu am fost o super atleta! Deci, daca eu am putut sa devin sportiva la varsta de 39 de ani, oricine poate face asta!

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Nu trebuie sa fii tanar sau sa fi fost implicat in sport de mic ori sa fii atlet, pentru a sti ca poti face sport. Ai nevoie doar de perseverenta, multa munca, dedicare si din nou, perseverenta.

First off, thank you so much for your kind words! It truly makes me so happy to hear that I have inspired you and played even a small part in your fitness and your happiness! That is truly why I do what I do. I am honored — thank you. When I was a child I was not all that sporty.

So I started off feeling well-behind by the time I was about 12 and team sports were available to me in school and I could take the initiative and do it on my own. I was pretty decent even though I am short! In high school I was on the softball team for one season.

I totally stunk at softball. We also had fitness tests and I always did great with the sit-ups and absolutely bombed the running. Unlike many of the personal trainers or fitness gurus out there, I was not a D1 Athlete.

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So, if I can become an athlete at 39, anyone can do it. I am really proud of that and I want other women and men to know that it can be done. You just need consistency, hard work, dedication…and more consistency. How and when did you start to do sport on a daily basis?

J. For Fit. And Force. Sau cum poti sa te transformi la 40 de ani

J: Pe la final de adolescenta, am inceput sa fac sport, mai mult cardio si ceva miscari neinspirate cu greutati usoare. In facultate, alergam ocazional ori mergeam la sala sau in drumetii. Pe la 30 de ani am inceput sa ma ocup mai mult de asta, dar nimic consistent. Nu imi placeau exercitiile fizice. Abia pe la 33 de ani, dupa ce am nascut primul copil, am inceput sa fiu activa din punct bodyrock fat burn challenge ziua 5 vedere fizic si mai consistenta in ceea ce faceam.

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Inca nu se vedea vreo schimbare remarcabila a felului cum aratam, insa eram ceva mai in forma. Apoi, dupa ce a venit al doilea copil, la aproape 40 de ani, m-am indragostit de fitness. Am inceput sa ma misc din dorinta de a fi sanatoasa pentru copiii mei, de a ma simti bine in interior si de a arata bine la exterior.

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turbo fire revizuiește pierderea în greutate Am descoperit ca miscarea fizica e terapeutica, nu doar pentru tot felul de probleme de ordin fizic, dar si ale sufletului.

Niciodata nu obtinusem rezultate cand faceam miscare cu antrenori si nu imi placea sa fac sport sub indrumarea lor, asa ca mi-am facut propriul program si astfel, am avut si rezultate, si, in plus, a inceput sa imi placa la nebunie fitness-ul si modul cum ma facea sa ma simt. Fitness-ul si nutritia merg mana in mana, atunci cand vorbim de un corp sanatos. In university I went for the occasional short run and gym workout or hike. At all. Still not much change visually but I was a little more fit.

It was born out of a desire to be healthy for my kids and to feel good inside and like the way I looked on the outside. I found exercise to be therapeutic to not only the aches and pains of my body but to my soul. Fitness and proper nutrition go hand-in hand for a healthy body. Liorisme: Care ai spune ca e cea mai mare realizare a ta, de cand ai inceput sa faci fitness? Cum ti-a schimbat sportul corpul, viata? What would you say is your most important achievement, since you started to do fitness?

How sport changed your body, your life? J: De departe, as spune ca cea mai importanta realizare personala a fost decizia de a fi sanatoasa si fericita si, astfel, sa fiu un exemplu pentru copiii mei, de a-si trai viata in deplina sanatate.

Pe plan profesional, cea mai importanta realizare este bodyrock fat burn challenge ziua 5 imbunatatirea sanatatii si nivelului de bucurie, obtinute de clientii mei. Este minunat sa vezi cum modul cum arata viata unei persoane se imbunatateste cu fiecare exercitiu fizic!

Apoi, fitness-ul mi-a transformat corpul. Pierde greutatea armelor și spatelui am fost niciodata supraponderala sau cu depozit consistent de grasime, dar, cu toate astea, schimbarea e dramatica. Si asta s-a intamplat pe la 40 de ani, dupa ce am nascut 2 copii…Fitness-ul mi-a adus fericire, m-a invatat sa ma bucur mai mult bodyrock fat burn challenge ziua 5 viata si sa reduc nivelul de stres.

I would say my most important personal achievement thus far has been changing my health and my happiness, and setting a good example for my children to live their lives healthfully. Fitness has transformed my body.

I was never overweight or plump but the change is dramatic…and happened in middle-age…after 2 kids. Fitness has also increased my level of happiness and ability to see joy in things and reduce stress.

Liorisme: Cand te antrenezi, iei in consederare si importanta nutritiei? In ce mod? When training, do you consider the importance of nutrition?

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J: Absolut! Nutritia face parte din aceasta ecuatie. Nu poti sa functionezi fara nutritie adecvata. Nu doar ca asta se va vedea in felul in care arati, dar si in performanta fizica si in sanatatea interioara.

La 42 de ani, de 2 ani incoace, colesterolul este marcat pe rezultatul analizelor medicale, ca fiind prea jos! Doctorul meu e tare incantat si impresionat. Cand nutritia potrivita si miscarea fizica lucreaza impreuna, asta obtii. Not only will your visual results improve with proper nutrition, but your performance will improve and of course your internal health.

At 42, for the past 2 years of physicals my cholesterol lipids are flagged for being so low! My doctor gives me high fives and is super impressed. That is fitness and proper nutrition at work. What would you do differently now, if you look back? J: O, absolut! Mi-as cauta drumul si m-as indragosti de sport mult mai devreme! Daca as fi stiut cat de bine ma face sa ma simt, fizic si mental, as fi lasat balta antrenorii si mi-as fi cautat singura calea. De asemenea, ca parinte, imi fac timp si insist ca ai mei copii sa fie expusi la cat mai mult sport chiar si la fitnessde la o varsta frageda.

Nu vreau ca ei sa se simta depasiti de colegii lor si vreau sa le insuflu de-acum iubire si respect pentru fitness si sanatate.

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Oh, absolutely! If I had only known how good I could feel mentally and physically, I would have turfed the other trainers and gone rogue doing my own thing sooner. Also, as a parent, I insist and make time for my kids to be exposed to sports and even fitness at an early age. Cum stii cand iti stresezi corpul, punand prea multa presiune pe el?

Si cum se poate preveni acest lucru? How do we know when we stress our body, by putting too much pressure on it? And how can we prevent that? J: Extenuarea e o chestie foarte serioasa. Cateodata, simti ca n-ai chef sa faci sport si te fortezi cumva sa o faci, totusi, iar la final, te feliciti ca ai facut-o. Dar sunt si momente cand bodyrock fat burn challenge ziua 5 te mai simti motivat, ca atunci cand traiai si respirai pentru sport. Acesta poate fi un semn ca exagerezi cu antrenamentele si ai nevoie de schimbare ori trebuie sa o lasi mai moale.

Alte simptome ar fi faptul ca te simti extrem de obosit, pulsul este foarte ridicat, ai intinderi sau dureri musculare pentru mai mult de 72 de ore de la antrenament, nu te poti odihni bine, te simti deprimat, te imbolnavesti frecvent, te accidentezi mai usor sau te resimti in locuri unde te-ai accidentat in trecut.

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E important sa tii minte ca odihna si perioadele de recuperare sunt o parte a progresului si rezultatelor bune. Exhaustion is a big one. But there are other times when you are have decreased motivation where otherwise you used to live and breath the gym.

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This can be an indication that you are over-exerting yourself and you need a change or to back it off a little. Other symptoms are total exhaustion, increased resting heart rate, extended muscle soreness past 72 hours, not sleeping well, depression, frequent illnesses, getting injured more often or irritating old injuries, and the dreaded plateau. If your progress has halted despite your best efforts, there is a chance that you are overtraining.

Liorisme: Cum arata agenda ta zilnica de miscare? How your day to day fitness agenda looks like? J: Agenda variaza si incerc sa schimb mereu ceva, caci progresul si rezultatele bune au nevoie de acest lucru.

La acest moment, in mod normal, fac cam 4 zile de exercitii pe saptamana pentru partea superioara si inferioara a corpului si exercitii cu greutati 2 zile picioare, 2 zile partea de sus a corpului.