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Home Componenta "I" a dispozitivului indicat in fig. A clogged or dirty lubrication oil filter can best be amp fus burner by 3 the pressure drop across the filter. A combined hydraulic pump unit is generally used where… fig. What is the force exerted on amp fus burner piston at this firing pressure?

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A hydrazine test is conducted on boiler water to check for A knocking sound from one cylinder of an operating air compressor indicates: 2 a loose valve plate A leak from the gland of a centrifugal pump is found to be excessive. The correct procedure is to 4 re-pack the stuffing box loosely with the correct size packing at the earliest opportunity. A leaking suction valve in the second stage of a two stage, high pressure, air compressor can cause excessively high: 2 first stage discharge pressure A Main Engine revolution counter reads 69, at ; at noon the counter reads 90, if the clocks are advanced 20 mins.

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A receiver in a refrigeration system is used to A ship makes an observed speed of 17 knots. The engine speed is calculated to be What is the propeller slip?

 Видите ли, я в центре города, без машины, - ответил голос.  - Может быть, вы могли бы подойти. - Понимаете, я не могу отойти от телефона, - уклончиво отозвался Ролдан.  - Но если вы в центре, то это совсем недалеко от .

What does this mean? Acetilena nu trebuie niciodata folosita la o presiune peste 1,bar 15psi deoarece: 4 cel mai mic soc ar putea produce o explozie Acumularile de calamina dintr-o caldarina auxiliara ar putea fi cauzata de: 4 intretinere necorespunzatoare a arzatorului. Aerul necesar functionarii cilindrului pneumatic va fi : 2 lubrifiat; After a normal, or safety shutdown, automatic combustion control system for on auxiliary boiler are designed to prevent the immediate refiring of a burner in order for the: 1 furnace to be repurged After a total black-out with an automatic power supply system, what is the correct sequence for restarting the essential pumps once the power is restored?

И что особенно удачно - эту компанию меньше всего можно было заподозрить в том, что она состоит в сговоре с американским правительством.

After boiler inspections and surveys, what is the final test carried out by the surveyor in order to accredit the safety valves and boiler mountings?

After fitting a new cylinder liner to a 2 -stroke engine which of the following steps should be taken?

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After gear pump re-assembly what must be checked? After how many hours would you consider changing the turbocharger bearings, even though all appears to be normal?

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After sometime, scale build-up is unavoidable in steam generating coils. How is it removed? After water washing the turbocharger exhaust side, the blower starts to vibrate.

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After work on the fuel system what must be carried out? Alarma sonora si optica 22 din instalatia de ungere MP din fig.


CSM se va amp fus burner la scaderea presiunii de ulei sub valoarea de:1 0,bar All the ferrous components of a ship will sustain strong corrosive action in the presence of Alternator temperature indicators often giving readings in degrees Fahrenheit. If a reading is 80 degrees F, how many degrees Celsius is this? Amoniacul este valoros cand este folosit ca agent frigorific datorita randamentului sau inalt, cu toate acestea este: 4 toate de mai sus Amplificatorul pneumatic de tip ajutaj-clapeta prezentat in fig.

AHP serveste la…3 transformarea unei deplasari mecanice in semnal pneumatic de comanda An abnormally hot suction line in a refrigerating plant may be due to An arrow superimposed on a hydraulicgraphic symbol at approximately 45 grd.

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AHP 68 3 can be adjusted or varied An automatically controlled Freon compressor will stop when the An auxiliary diesel Engine cylinder head valve guide is shown. Which are the correct guide dimensions for the nominal sizes shown?

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An independent bilge suction is required for: 3 machinery space bilges An unloader is installed on an air compressor to: 4 remove all but the frictional load during starting Apa ce scapa de la presetupa unei pompe este impiedicata sa patrunda in carcasa cuzinetului prin folosirea: 3 deflectoarelor de apa; Apa de balast va fi introdusa in tancurile 6 babord-tribord din fig.

Care combinatie de valvule indicate trebuie deschise si care trebuie inchise? Arborele cotit la o masina cu abur cu piston este construit din…4 otel special si dupa prelucrare este tratat termic.

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Arborele unei pompe centrifuge este supus deformatiei de….